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Daisy had both international champion parents.


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We are pretty particular with our pups. We keep them indoors and we do not allow guest(s) to pick up sold pups. We limit their audience. I am very cautious about the possibilities of disease coming in, since most buyers start out shoppers & could bring cross contaminants in. Many diseases are in the air & in the dirt. We have to be cautious.

We require you wash your hands with a Clorox wipe (provided) before you pick your pup out. Please leave your shoes at the door when you arrive. Pups that have been picked will not be available for others to handle.

Pups are raised in a whelping box once they outgrow the swimming pool. When nursing, I separate them so no more than 5 eat at a time. I rotate & give Daisy a food/potty break between shifts. She needs to eat too. I usually sleep on a couch nearby & set an alarm. I have to watch her with them until they get a little older to be sure she does not lay on them accidentally. Once they are full, I shuffle others into the feeding.

I apply for the AKC registration papers just as soon as I know how many of what sex. Pups will have AKC registered Golden Retrievers-limited (breeding rights reserved).

Pups are 100% English Creams. So they will be white/cream. Most pups start light & get a little darker when they get older. English Creams stay white/cream.

These pups have international champion bloodlines! So they come by their look honestly.

Update this litter all pups are $1800. Every litter: Until pups are 3 weeks old I only take $100 deposits (non refundable) to hold a pick from the litter.  It is applied towards your pup purchase. At 3 weeks old, I allow you to  pick your pup from pictures provided, or you can come in person. At that time, I require the rest of half of the price. The balance is due when you receive your pup with its AKC papers. The final payment HAS to be cash. You will receive the pup & AKC papers in your name then. 

Picks are made in the order the pups are reserved. Please no crowds. For the safety of the litter, I try to keep the crowd small. You can bring your own collar as long as it is new. Cat collars work nicely. I provide Velcro colored collars to differientiate pups. Some pups may have factors that mark them. However, from my previous litters, it seems there is usually one larger and one smaller & the rest look pretty much the same. The smallest pup may end up the largest dog. You never know. They always look like the parents though. You can count on that.

Once you are on the list, it is time to start pup proofing your house. Look for lose cords, poisons, and small things they can put in their mouths & choke on. Don’t forget to consider your plants. Google is a great resource for what is poisonous & what is not. Pups are just like babies, they have to put everything in their mouths. So you need to start considering toys.

It’s best if your answer is not always NO to your pup. I like to switch their attention to a toy. They love to play with you & with toys. So if they think you like the toy, they want it even more! They are going to get your attention. It is best if it is positive.

Now is also the time to consider where they will sleep and how you plan on house breaking them. I like to put them in a small crate or cage near where I sleep. Confining them to a bathroom or sectioned off area will work, as well. They do NOT like their sleeping area dirty. So help them keep it clean.

Do not give them allot of extra room in their sleeping area. They feel secure in tighter areas. It just makes them miss snuggling with their siblings more.

I put a bell on their collar so I know when they wake up & I take them out every time they wake up. It has been successful for us. I recommend you SECURELY fasten the bell or they will get it off & could get it stuck in their throat.

The bell helps me keep up with them during the day and ensures I do not accidentally step on them. During the day I do not let them roam around unless I am watching them. If they start wondering off, you are fixing to have a puddle in your floor. Take them outside frequently.

I have had some success with leaving a leash on them & attach it to me while cooking & watching TV. They want to chew on the leash. The chain ones are more durable. But still start teaching them not to chew on it. Then when I feel the pull, I know its time to go out.

Other methods are more scientific. You can figure out exactly how long after they eat that they need to go out & of course every time they wake up. Overall, focus on PRAISE EVERY chance you can! Goldens love to make you happy. Consistency and key words are VERY important as well.

Remember they are just like kids. Your time is an investment. The more time you spend with them the more they will please you. Try to put puppy play on your schedule.

For help with training, we used Man’s Best Friend. They continue to show me tricks on how to deal with them. Training results are dependent on the trainer. You HAVE to be consistent.

Pictures will be added to a website as the babies progress. So you can watch them grow. It is time to start your pups baby book. You can print their ancestry and some baby pictures! Watch the web for new pictures all the time!

Start thinking about which vet you will want to use. Talk to friends in your area. See who they recommend. Google is a great way to get started with that, as well. I think Google is one of my best friends!

I provide 1st shots, worming, and a Vet Health Check before you receive the pup. I also clip their toe nails frequently.

I will send the pup home with a snack pack, but you need to think about buying dog food. I feed them Kirkland’s Signature Puppy Food from Costco. Upon request, I can pick you up a bag. $15.00.  You reimburse me when you pick it up. AKC Papers will also be delivered when pups are picked up.

Bring a box or crate to carry your pup home in. I do NOT recommend your pup lose in the car. I do NOT recommend taking your pup out in public places. They are babies and can catch disease easily. Treat your pup like you would your child.

Let’s talk about fleas. Fleas cause worms. Worms are pretty simple to cure, but not wanted. Fleas are not something I want in my house! You should not put flea collars on small pups. They will probably make them sick. They are too young to take flea meds until your vet recommends. You can bathe the pup. Any soap kills fleas if you suds them up & leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off. The soap suffocates the fleas. Flea shampoo leaves a residue in the hair that keeps fleas off for a while.

I have not had any allergies to any pet shampoos. You should be sure your water is lukewarm & that you dry the pet well. You don't want them to get a chill. Towel dry really good & you can use a dryer. Again, not too hot. Water that is too hot or too cold can cause a skin irritation. Baby powder feels good to you and your pup; no problem putting it on. It will run fleas off, but it does not keep them off. It does smell good and make them feel good. If they seem hot all the time, it will cool them off some as well.

 List of what to have on hand before you get your pup and what to do with your pup.

1. Toe nail trimmers

2. Quik Stop

3. Puppy Shampoo (I use Hartz Groomer's Best Tearless, Extra Gentle Puppy Shampoo from Walmart.)

My adult dogs use Mane 'n Tail Shampoo.

4. Sleeping area/crate/cage.

5. Dog Food - Kirklands Signature Puppy food from Costco. I would start with 1/2 cup dog food and 1/2 cup water. Let it soften and feed about 4 times a day. As they finish this too fast start adding more.

6. Food and Water bowls that they cannot turn over. I like the stainless ones. I only give about 1" of water at a time. Some of them want to lay IN the bowl.

7. A leash & collar - How to Come & walk on a leash are early commands to teach.

8. I like Stain and Odor Remover (Walmart) to spray potty spots you do NOT want them to go back to.

9. Be a responsible pet owner & buy some bags to pick up poop.

10. Follow up with your vet as he/she recommends 3-4 weeks from their first round of shots. Take your pup Health Report with you. Make that appointment today.

11. At the vet, I sign in my pets. Let them wait in the car until called. I CARRY them in with a towel over their head. I set them on the towel, not the floor. I always make the 1st appointment of the day.  I always ask if they have had Parvo in there recently late the day before the appointment. Reschedule if necessary.

 12. Let me know that you followed up on shots & send me pictures so I can post them to the Facebook Puppy Page (@Our Robbins Nest Pups). It is always interesting to see what the siblings look like from your litter and others of Daisy & Cody.

13. Text or email me all your questions. the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask! If I don't know, I can check Google.

*****Our Robbins Nest English Cream Golden Retrievers - Don't you just love them! Wonderful personalities & champion bloodlines! :o) *****

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