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With a last name like ROBBINS and a family business with our children involved allot, it is no wonder we named our business Our Robbins Nest. In the 1980s we had 3 children. One Christmas our youngest wanted a Go Go Walking Pup (toy).

My husband had been studying a golden retriever playing at the park with all the kids. So we had a different vision of a Christmas gift as a family pet. We wanted a dog who the kids could play with and would be good with all the neighbor kids in our pool.

Goldens love kids, toys, and the pool!

In the beginning, we thought the wagging tail might knock the small kids down. So we would put our dogs in the kennel when company came over. Well that did not last long. The company started letting the dog out. So kids, dogs, toys and ALL in the pool together.

The kids started playing Keep Away with the toys from the dogs and the dogs wanted the toys even more. Soon all were swimming and one dog even dove.

My daughter started racing the dog to the bottom of the pool for toys. It was on. Once I figured out how well my daughter swam on top of the water, she ended up on a swim team.

The story goes on and on, but the lesson learned was that there was never another question about what type of dog to buy. We love Goldens!

We, in the past few years, have switched to the English Cream Goldens. White might be a preferance, but mostly because I heard they live longer and we have missed every golden we have lost so dearly.

We have always raised AKC Golden Retrievers. As a child my parents raised and showed dogs. We had our champions. Early on I figured out that by the time you spend money on heart worm meds, flea meds, shots, food, and vet bills over the years, you might as well pay the money & get that awesome dog you want. The dog becomes your family! Life is too short!

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*****Our Robbins Nest English Cream Golden Retrievers - Don't you just love them! Wonderful personalities & champion bloodlines! :o) *****

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