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  2016 April Fools Litter Birth Announcement (Cody & Daisy's previous litter)

Cody & Daisy had their 2nd litter. It took Daisy ALL day long. Her water broke at 12:10 she had her first pup at 2:21p.m. It took her until 10:17p.m. to finish the process. She had 6 males and 4 females. They were born on April 1st. No fooling on April Fools Day. Pictures coming soon!
Daisy 1 week before delivery
Daisy 1 week before delivery
First pup born #1 - Male 2:21p.m.
 Pup #1 - male 
 2nd pup born  - Pup #2 - Girl    3:49p.m.
 Pup #2 - Girl
Pup#3 (third born) - Male    4:16
 Pup 3 - Male
Pup #4 - Male     4:38p.m.
Pup#5 - Male     5:29p.m.
Pup #6 - Male    6:11p.m.
 Pup6 - Boy 
Pup #7 - Male     7:32p.m.
 Pup7 - Boy
Pup #8 - Male       7:43p.m.
 Pup 8 - boy
Pup #9 - Female     8:49p.m.
 Pup #9 - girl!
Pup #10 - Female    10:17
 Pup 10 - Female
So Daisy has 6 males & 4 females. She had one more pup than last litter. Last litter she had 6 females & 3 males. So almost opposite this litter. Funny this year we welped in a blue pool. Last time it was in a pink one. Hmmmmm???????    All are completely healthy.
Day 3 - 5 Males with Daisy
Day 3 - Daisy with 4 Females & 1 Male
 April 7, 2016 - 5 Boys snoozing away!
Its hard taking pictures of the girls & 1 boy before they wake up!
4 girls & a boy
4 girls and 1 boy
04-11-2016 - The puppies eyes are starting to open. This is a boy.
Good Morning from the girls & 1 boy.
 04-14-2016 - Girls are up early, just kidding....They are up all night long. They eat everytime they cry. :o) When they fall asleep eating, they go back to the sleeping box. I still sleep on the couch watching them.
  04-17-2016 - 5 Boys got their first toe nail clip. Next is a "spit bath" defined by grandmother when you wash them down with damp clothes. They get spot washes all the time when they get dirty spots on them. They really aren't old enough for REAL bathes yet.
 Yes, the girls were dolled up too!
04-18-2016 - The males all have colored collars now so you can tell who is who.....maybe. They all look alike to me! In any case, below is head shots of the boys.
Silver is now yellow:
 04-19-2016 - Girls, girls, girls!
04-21-2016 Today was their 1st worming. They will be wormed again @ 6 weeks when they get their shots. 
All pups weighed 3 lbs within 2 oz. one way or the other.
04-22-2016 Silver collar is now yellow. It was getting hard too tell it from gray. All pups got spit bath. I am trimming nails again.
04-25-2016 - Meal Time! This is about when you ask if your pup comes home bathed. Yes! They go home clean.
04-25-2016 Mr Gray
04-25-2016 Mr Green Collar is still looking for parents.
04-26-2-16 Frost/Yellow/was Silver First time on a tile floor.
04-26-2016 The morning food bowl. They really like it. But nothing is as good as MOM! This may be my new computer desktop image. :o)
04-26-2016 While I mop with clorox and water and then dry the pool EVERY morning & many times more....
 The pups take their morning nap...
After Lunch - They fall into nap time!
04-28-2016 Good Morning from the pups!
04-28-2016 - I fed half & then the other half & the 1st half didn't even wake up. They are eating great! Looks like Daisy still gets a little left over.
04-30-2016  Their food has been softened with water. They also have a separate water bowl with about 1/2 inch of water in it. In the case they don't eat the food before they fall asleep, I give it to Daisy. You would have to throw it away. So its better to prepare too little than to go overboard, like I did here. Food that sits out spoils & will give them diarrehha. Give it away or throw it away! See pic below.
05-02-2016 So here is where we wait while the whelping box is being cleaned. They have had their morning spot baths! Spot bathing is becoming common.
05-02-2016  They ate, played, and back to sleep AGAIN! Gunner/Black is off in a corner by himself. Lily is going to need Boy Blue because she is piled on top & wants to be in the middle!


Good Morning from the Robbins Puppy Resort!..... where the party only ends to eat & sleep!

Tess & Frost are in the corner. Gunner is eating. Lily Rose is sleeping alone. Maybe you can zoom in to figure out the rest?

Looks like Lily up top. Frost & Tess are still in the corner. Cant tell the rest. They are still up at 1:00 and 5:00a.m. They had their nails done yesterday.  They had foot baths this morning. So they are not always a mess. They are a busy bunch. Daisy still cries for them.

05-06-2016  What is new with the pups......

The papers I hang on the sides of the whelping have become toys for the pups. They jump up, pull them down, & play with them.

They eat more in the morning and less at night. They weren't finishing the night bowl & now they want 2 bowls in the morning.

They still got up at 1:30a.m.. But they slept until 6:30a.m.

I tried mixing in just a little canned food. They LOVE it, but it gives them runny stool. So back to Kirkland Signature Puppy Food and water only.

After they eat awhile the food gets squshed in the bottom of the bowl. When I fluff it back up with a fork, they go back to it like it was a new bowl.

AGAIN I mention....especially to new parents. You have to put out new food after a couple of hours or they will eat SOURED food & they will have diarreha.

I leave water out all the time. I only put about 1/2 inch in the bowl. They drink all day long. They try to lay in it, but they don't fit. So you will need a couple of bowls. Dog bowls are better because they have wide bottoms so they wont turn over easily. I prefer my stainless ones. That's just a preference though. They seem easiest to clean.

I cannot express enough the value of keeping the puppies as clean as you can. With 10 it seems almost impossible. A little food on them is fine. But remove the poop IMMEDIATELY.

Pups are 5 weeks old today! Since I wormed them at 3 weeks, I wormed them again today (2 weeks later). Shots & all comes Monday, May 16th.

I couldn't make up my mind which pic I liked the best of the next. They ate at 6:30a.m. and now 12:30.



 05-08-2016 I have bathed them & done their nails. Now they are eating & drying. The eating is the part that gets them dirty AGAIN! Its a full time job staying ahead.

Parents are already scheduling their pup pickups. Give me a text & we'll put it on the calendar. Also I am making a list of who wants me to get them puppy food. I give you a baggy of food to get you home. But if you are not a Costco member, I will be glad to buy you a bag. Let me know.

05-08-2016  We are busy this morning.

 About 5:00p.m. My daughter, son & I took pups outside for their first poop in the grass. Not a problem. They go when they wake up. So we carried them out & brought them back after they went. Its hard to get them all out fast enough. We now have a 100% success rate!

05-09-2016 Good morning from The Robbins Puppy Resort!



We have 10 busy beavers!


Party on at 7:00a.m. We did sleep from 11:00 to 4:40a.m. though. So we are getting better at sleeping at night. I am getting better at going without sleep!

7:27a.m. They don't cry about much. But now they are crying. So it will be a two bowl morning. They don't like to wait. But if I give it to them before the food is absorbed with water then I will see loose stools later. I don't want that!

So what do you do if your pup cries? You go down the list like you would with a baby. Is he hungry, is he dirty, does he have water?

He probably is just missing his siblings. Thats where you come in to soothe him. Sometimes I sing to them.You can try to get them to play with the toys. Sometimes I take them outside. I will say I would hold mine allot. But when they get big, I think I shouldn't have held them as much. Cody still wants in my lap.

Table scraps fit into the same category as holding your pup in your lap. If you never feed table scraps they won't try to steal them. They will leave you alone when you are eating take out or when you leave it in the car with them. Table scraps for the most part are not good for them. You are on your own there. I know its fun.

You can work with your pup. AKC offers several training tips Some trainings are about potting training & others are general items. I took mine to Mans Best Friend. The training is only as good as the trainer though & that means YOU. So training starts with training the trainer. Be Consistent. Use the same phrase for the same thing....every time & get your household on board with the terms. Sit, sit down, lay down, down, get down can get confusing. Maybe sit, down, off.   

Whatever you do don't leave the pup unattended. If you can't watch him, put him up. He will get bored & get into trouble.

Goldens thrive on PHRASE. They want to make you happy if they can just figure it out. So make it simple. And don't give them the opportunity to get into trouble. If they start to wonder off, it is always bad news. Most likely, potty time. Google is a great source for ideas & research. Look at several sites so you can see options & pick your favorite.

Oh! For those of you wanting me to get you a bag of dog food. It is 13.99 + tax is $15.14 a bag. Make it $15 a bag to make it simple. I'm making a list. Be sure your on it if you want me to get it.

05-13-2016 Good morning from the Robbins Puppy Resort. Pups are 6 weeks old today. They get their shots Monday at 8:00a.m......the first appointment of the day! Here they are in a big puppy pile while I clean the whelping box.



05-16-2016 We had our first round of shots this morning. All went well. We had our vet check, as well. They are ALL healthy. He checks their heart, lungs, hips, umbilical, mouth, eyes, etc.....eveything they can check for on a first visit. They are supposed to email the report.. He said he can see why they sell so fast. They are all healthy & a VERY good looking!
Daisy got her shots and was health checked as well. She was very healthy. He commented on her weight being perfect. I thought it was a little low by 4 lbs. Vets like dogs to be lean, but not boney. I like just a little weight on them. He said he could see where the pups got their looks. He did not see Cody.
I find their weights quite interesting. Below list is their weights and temperatures. They have all over doubled their weight @ 3 weeks! At 3 weeks they were all about 3 pounds. Now they are 7.2 to 9.6 pounds. Wow!
Mickey - 7.2#, T 101.6F
Haru - 7.8#, T 101.4F
Red Girl - 8# 101F
Lily - 8#, T 100.6F
Hudson - 7.8# T 101.9F
Lily Rose - 8.2# 101.8F
Gunner 9# 101.5F
Blue Boy - 9.6# 100.1F
Frost - 8.2# 102F
Tess 7.6# 101.4F
Worn out after their appointment!
 After their naps they were ready to go again!
So I've had some folks asking the names of the pups. Most of them are named.
The Gray collar is Haru.
The Silver was changed to yellow due to collar discoloration. He is Frost.
The Green collar is Mickey.
The Black collar is Gunner.
The Brown collar is  Hudson.
The Blue collar Alex.
The Orange collar was changed to pink with crowns & rhinestones. That is Lily.
The Pink collar with the name tag and X-O's on it is Lily Rose.
The Purple/lavendar collar is Tess, short for Contessa.
The Red collar girl is Gracie.
5-17-2016  Good morning from the Robbins Puppy Resort
Socialization continues. We learn when to quit & how hard to play.
05-18-2016 Monday we slept until 6:00a.m. However Tuesday & today we slept until 5:30a.m. We did go to bed at 10:00p.m. last night. That is an improvement. We usually go to bed at midnight. We have been eating about 6 times a day. I'm reading it should be 4 times a day. I've been feeding them everytime they get up. I'll start trying to spread their meals apart. 
Take Home Time is getting close. Put it on your calendar to take them to your vet for their 2nd round of shots June 15th, as per the Haslet vet report. Tell your vet that they had their first round on May 16th & schedule this in advance so you can fit it into your schedule..........I thought the shots were to be 4 weeks apart (June 11th). So ask your vet about that......Vets recommend 3 rounds of shots. I recommend 4 for all large breed dogs. Know that the vaccines dont prevent heartworms. So keep the mosquitos off them. They are not old enough for the preventative yet.
Be sure to make your house pet friendly....just like you would a child. Beware of cords & extension cords. And remember that when you are playing with them & they wonder off, they are most likely getting into something you won't be happy about.
They need to learn to play with THEIR toys. So play with the toys with theml
They need a bed where you don't have to worry about where they are in the night & don't step on them acciddentally. It could be a crate, cage, or box....whatever.
Remember PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE. Goldens thrive on it. I can't say enough how much they like to please you.
The following is a link to toxic & non-toxic plants by the Animal Poison Control.[]=01
The following is a link by Animal Poison Control for human foods that are toxic to dogs.
 The following is a link by the Humane Society of people foods that are toxic to dogs.
When in doubt Google it first! :o)
Also a reminder that the final payment HAS TO BE CASH. You will get the pup & the papers. I don't want to worry about checks. Thanks, in advance, for your understanding. 
Remember I have given yall lots & lots of pictures. I want some back please.  Also let me know if I can post them on the website.
No questions are STUPID. PLEASE ask.
05-19-2016 - Good day from the babies!
Its funny seeing them so spread out. They sleep in a pile most of the time.
So everyone needs to be sure you have at least one of my emails.  OR  OR I dont want to lose communication. My phone & text are the same. I am keeping that.
05-20-2016 Good morning from the Robbins Puppy Resort
*****Took a mixed stool sample to the vet today. They tested negative for worms. I had them weighed & wormed again anyway just to be sure. :o)
In 4 days....
Mickey went from 7.2 to 8.6.... wow!
Haru went from 7.8 to!
Red girl went from 8 to 9.8!
Lily went from 8 to 9.4!
Hudson went from 7.8 to!
Lily Rose went from 8.2 to 10!
Gunner went from 9 lbs to 10.6!
BIG Blue Boy went from 9.6 to 11.8!
Frost went from 8.2 to 9.8!
Tess went from 7.6 to 9!
They must have all been fasting the first time. It is unbelievable how fast they are growing! Bring your muscles when you carry them home!
They are all sleeping now.

05-21-2016 Good morning from the puppies! I think that is Hudson looking up at you.

They are not really that dirty the back of the box is kinda in a shadow.

Early take-homes start today.


  Frost in his new home.

05-22-2016 And then there were nine.......looks like the other pups just grew to fill in the gap....or maybe they spread out more! Lol!

Mickey has had his toes and hair done. He is playing with his toy waiting on his parents. :o)


AND then there are 8!

Mickey in his new home.....



05-23-2016.....The Red Collar Girl goes home today. She has had her manicure, pedicure, and bath & is waiting on her parents.


And then there are seven.....

 Here's the red collar girl happy in her new home!

 5-24-2016 Seven pups eat about the same amount as 10. They just grow to fill in the gaps. I am NOT an empty nester yet!

They are full and happy. They also have food all over them. I'm afraid ANOTHER bath is in their near future!


5-25-2016 Daisy has 7 to watch over & play with.

05-26-2016 Mickey has claimed his lap & his bed for his nap.


05-27-2016 Happy Birthday to the Pups! They are 8 weeks old today!

Here is a picture of Gracie in her new home (Red collar girl).


This is Daisy (MOM) at almost 6 weeks

This is Cody (DAD) at 8 weeks.

Who does your pup look like?????

Here they are down for their morning naps.

Three leave today.....Lily, Big Blue Collar Boy, & Haru/GrayCollar. No they are not bathed yet.

Everyone did get their nails done yesterday.


 Below are Haru/Gray Collar, Lily & Blue Collar Boy waiting on their parents.

And then there are FOUR.

Lily & Blue Collar Boy in their new home playing with a toy.

Haru/Gray Collar settling into his new home.

5-28-2016 This is Hudson dressed & waiting on his parents.

Tess is ready & waiting on her Mommy.


Lily Rose is next. She is cleaned up & ready to go.

 And then there was one.......Gunner has Cody & Daisy to play with now.


 Hudson in his new home.

Lily Rose in her new home.....Looks like the worm is doing its magic again!

05-29-2016 Lily Rose clearly owns this household!

 05-30-2016 Lily & her Brother in their new home.

 *********AND then there were none. Here is Gunner in his new home.********************

Gunner starts his training Friday.

Isn't this what toy boxes are for?

 Mickey thought so.

Haru in his new home

Dec, 2016 Presenting Arya..

Here is Aspen today


Dec, 2016 Here is Lily & Alex.


 Mickey Dec 2016

Below is Lily Rose Christmas 2016


2014 Litter   
12-16-2014 Daisy had her pups today. She had her 1st pup at 2:30a.m this morning & had her last one about 2:30p.m. So she had a full day. She ended up with 3 boys and 6 girls!

Daisy has 6 girls & 3 boys!.Daisy has 6 girls & 3 boys!.

12-18-2014 Daisy with 5 of her pups and the toy she couldn't leave behind!

Daisy with 5 of her pups and the toy she couldn't leave behind!.

12-20-2014 Babies pigment is changing. It was pink, but their skin is turning black. It really stands out on their white hair!

Pups are born with pink skin. It turns dark the 1st week.

12-23-2014 At 1 week old their pigment continues to darken. I have enlarged the rotation box because they are growing like weeds! Their arms look like they have wrinkles of skin to grow into. They are all solid white--no surprises. I still cannot tell one from another. I think they are all winners! I have already sent the papers to register the litter.

Daisy is coming out like a champ! We are feeding her all she will eat. When feeding nine, it take allot to keep your weight up,

Pups are 1 week old.

12-25-2014 Pups eyes are starting to open. At least one has its eyes open.

12-26-2014 Pups are 10 days old & already getting their nails clipped. They also got partial baths today. Spot cleaning!


Pups are 10 days old.Pups are 10 days old.

12-27-2014 I think everyone has their eyes open now. They are starting to get up on their feet.

All eyes open & up on feet..

12-29-2014 Pups are 13 days old. Here they are all together! See why we feed them in shifts. There is no way we could tell if everyone gets to eat otherwise!

Pups are 13 days old. Pups are 13 days old. Pups are 13 days old. Pups are 13 days old.

12-31-2014 Pictured is one of the 3 male pups. He weighs just over 3 lbs! He is 15 days old.

Pups are 15 days old. Pups are 15 days old. Pups are 15 days old.

1-1-2015 Today was a busy day. Everyone got their toe nails trimmed AGAIN and spit baths. They are too young for baths. They got new boxes again-larger. :o)

1-3-2015 This male pup had to be told he was not old enough to be eating Mom's food. Mom is eating Kirkland's Signature Puppy Food with Ensure right now. She is on a mixed high calorie diet. It is hard to keep her weight up when she is feeding 9 pups! The pups are starting to play with Mom & each other. It is not just eat & sleep any more. The party is on!

Pups are curious and wanting Mom food.

1-5-2015 I took two stool samples in to have them checked & the pups are clear of any parasites! Great news-no surprise.

I weighed them on my kitchen scales :o)  They all weigh 3 lbs give or take 2 oz.

1-6-2015 pups are 3 weeks old today!

Boy 1

Pups are 3 weeks old.Pups are 3 weeks old.

Boy 2

Pups are 3 weeks old.Pups are 3 weeks old.Pups are 3 weeks old.

Boy 3

Pups are 3 weeks old.Pups are 3 weeks old.

Can you tell them apart? I cannot.

1-7-2015 It is amazing how much the pups look like Cody & Daisy baby pics shown on

1-10-2015 This is one of the girls three & a half weeks old. We have 3 girls & 3 boys available. Boys & Arya got their nails clipped.

Pups are curious and wanting Mom food.

1-11-2015 I finished everyone's nails. Several people have asked for pictures of females for sale. I apologize in advance for my photography. Female #1- Sorry this one is sold.

Pups are 3 1/2 weeks old. Pups are 3  1/2 weeks old. Pups are 15 days old.

Female #2 - Sorry this one is sold.

  Pups are 3  1/2 weeks old. 

Female #3 - Sorry this one is sold.

   Pups are 15 days old.

1-11-2015 Pups are eating Kirkland's Signature Puppy Food (from Costco).

1-12-2015 More pictures of available female

1-14-2015 All pups have been spot bathed. Some more that others. They keep putting their feet in the dog food bowl. Its new & they wear allot of it. So they get allot of spot baths these days. I don't get their heads wet yet--other that with a damp wash cloth. All Females are spoken for. We have 3 males available. I will have to start putting up more male pics.


Jan 15-2015 I usually feed the girls 3 at a time. You can tell I put 3 in earlier because they are playing instead of eating.

I will continue to let Daisy to feed about once a day/night up thru Tues (5 weeks).

Jan 16-2005 For the second night the pups slept from about 11p.m to 5:00a.m. So it does get better. I did not have to get up at 1:00 or 3:00. :o) 

Jan 16 - Can you tell the the bowl...has had plenty to eat? (Gold back foot)

Jan 17 - BUSY day. Thanks to my daughter & son-in-law everyone got a REAL bath with blow dry & collars!

This is Aspen with her new red bow collar! Can you tell we woke her up?

This is Scout. Scout may have a job working @ the store with her new Mom. Scout has a collar with pink buttons.

This little boy has not found his parents yet. He is sporting a a Stud Muffin collar.

Jan 18 This is Miss Lily Rose w her ruffled bling!

Jan 18 - This is Ace sporting his blue BONES collar.


Introducing Arya. Area is finely fashioned in lavender bows.

Jan 18 - This is Sugar. Sugar will be flying 1st class to Arizona when her time comes. Sugar is wearing a ladybug collar. Sugar is not fond of being woke up to have her photo made.

Jan 18 - This is the Nichols baby. She has not yet been named. She is modeling a red & grey bone collar.


Jan 18 - This is the Ochoa pup. He does not yet have a name. He is going to live in the Houston area. Mr Ochoa is sporting classic black.

Jan 19 - Good Morning World from the pups. After breakfast (see below), we had our nails done & our spot baths. So because there are nine of us & that takes awhile, we are now ready to eat again!

Tips for the day. Use a butter knife or fork & fluff up the food once the squash it flat & then they will finish it. They squash it, but they do not want to eat it that way.

Also when trying to clean dirty papers before they attach you. Fold over the bad part & then tear it out or pull it out. They are really getting fast & when they see you coming, they want attention. They know I am the food lady & the sky lift to the outside world!

Jan 20 This is what morning looks like @ the Robbins Resort.

Jan 20 Supper.

Do not worry about the scratching. We do NOT have fleas. Some of us are rebelling about having to wear a collar.

Jan 21 - Here is the aftermath of our evening meal & we started all clean!

Jan 22 - After breakfast. All pups have passed out! Look at Scout, Lily Rose, & Aspen guarding the food. Lily Rose in middle...on top of the bowl.  You can see part of Aspens bow on her collar.



Jan 25 - Good morning from the pups! With them in the open topped whelping box, they wake up when the sun comes up. So my tip is make their sleeping area dark until you want to get up.

Jan 25 - This is my grandson (Colton) playing with the pups. I think he likes them.


With the help of my daughter & son-in-law, We have started potty training...basically run them outside as soon as they wake up. We have been quite successful. We just bring them in one by one as we know they are done.

Jan 26 - I called the vet this morning to see if they have had parvo in there. And then I asked if they had had any other commutable diseases in. All looks good for tomorrow morning. I am taking 4 boxes. Two empty & two with pups. They have already agreed to assist me in the process. I am taking in 4 stool samples so they will not take it from them. (Scares them and it is humiliating.)  

Jan 27 - The vet visit went well! No paracites of any kind found, coccidia, worms, or otherwise. All pups were checked-out. They are emailing me a list of all the points they check. What I saw was him checking their mouths, hips & joints, feeling for cysts, listening to their hearts, taking their weight, & he took all their temperatures. They all had their shots & got wormed usual. He recommends a 3-4 week follow up with your local vets. He is going to email all their weights, temperatures, and a list of what all he checks today & specifics on what the 1st round of shots is. I wanted a list of his checkpoints or I could have already had their weights & temps. So more coming soon! He gave me an A+. He said it is rare to have such a healthy litter. We are blessed. I think my key to success is to keep them clean & keep the parents current on their heartwort & flea meds.

Jan 27 - Health Record

Jan 28 - This is what we do at 6 weeks old. Some sleep, others make sure they do not.

Jan 31st - I finally figured out why I am not posting as much. It takes more time to get them all fed & keep them all clean & fixed up these days. Nine is a HUGE family!

I am still trying to take them out in the grass as much as possible.

The only one still awake is Aspen & she is now asleep also.

This is what is left of their 2nd bowl of food for breakfast. They did make it thru the night all night. They are hungriest in the mornings!

Now there would not be room for Daisy in the pool! Yes, she still wants in there. They have been weaned for a long time now & Daisy is getting her girlish figure back together!

Family of NINE!

Feb 1 - Yes, we all have food all over us, especially food face!


Sugar Feb 1

Sugar Feb 1


Ace Feb 1

Ace Feb 1


Aspen Feb 1


Scout Feb 1

Scout Feb 1

Lily Rose - Too funny she blinked at the flash in one! Yes, still food faced.

Lily Rose Feb 1

Lily rose Feb 1

Lily Rose Feb 1

More pics tomorrow. My phone is dead. Sorry. I did not forget everyone else.

Yes! Cody & Daisy got their Heartguard today....Heart Worm pills are VERY important, even for house dogs!

Feb 2

Baby Ochoa:

Baby Ochoa









Sorry Momo, I should have washed your face first---food face. :o)



Feb 3 - Regarding food: I am still feeding Kirkland's Signature puppy food (moistened) and you should feed puppy food until they are a year old. (You can gradually change them over to just dry dog food....not moistened.) So you put warm water in the bowl. Add dry dog food and wait about 5 minutes and then give it to him/her. I have been feeding at 6:00a.m., 10-11:00a.m., 3-4p.m., and about 8-9:00p.m. Because you only have one, I would try about a cup full first thing in the morning and about one half cup the other feedings. Taper from there. Once the food has sat out an hour or so, take it  up and give it to your other dog or throw it away. You do not want them eating soured food.

If you think they are not eating well enough then start putting the warm water in the bowl and adding a spoon full of canned food. Mush it up. I push it thru a fork and mix in water. Add dry food. Feed after about 5 minutes (moistened/water absorbed). I have added Kirklands Signature Chicken and Rice Formula (canned food) for Dogs.Kirkland Signature Chicken & Rice Formula

Puppy food would probably be better. Pedigree Puppy canned food would be OK. But if trying new food and your pups stool gets soft, then it is too rich. Mix less canned food in or switch brands. Iams is famous for runny stools. My parents used to say feed them all they will eat in 10-15 minutes. I leave the bowl out. I have been giving them at least a bowl of water between each feeding. It is best to keep the water bowl full. With Potty training, you may want to monitor when they drink so you know when to let them out.


Table scraps: I do not feed table scraps. Once you start, they will beg and never leave you alone. They may even take food from your childrens hands. So beware, you are creating a problem if you feed them table scraps. When I order drive thru and eat in the car, the dogs do not bother me because I do not feed table scraps. So they do not expect them.

They like to go out. Take them as much as you can---every 2-3 hours. Praise them for doing their business outside. I always ask them if its a business trip or a field trip. Then I praise them for taking care of business and pet them allot.  

Regarding crying: Your pup is used to 8 brothers and sisters. Being alone will be tramatic for them. They are going to cry the first night or so. They are used to laying all over each other. So best not to give them a huge open area to sleep in. I hold mine. I sing to them. I talk to them. Think of soothing a baby, what would you do. If you bought them a big nice crate that will be great when they get older. For now (until they grow into it), put a cardboard box or something in it to take up some of the extra space. They chew when they are bored. So give them something they are allowed to chew on and not something they can choke on. They want what you have so play with the toys with them.

Other dogs/cats: Introduce them to other animals slowly and supervised to be sure all goes well. Most likely the pup will want to play with your other animals. The pup may wear them out. Do NOT feed them together unsupervised. Food  and you are the main sources of conflict. Everyone wants your attention. Existing animals are not used to having to share. So go slow and it will work out. But separate them for mealtime. I give extra food to other dogs.

I do not consider myself a pro, I have had MANY dogs over the year though. My parents did raise and show dogs all my life. Feel free to email questions and pictures. I have sent and posted many pics. Please send me some. Google has become my best friend. Google has many answers to just about anything. Once you search Google, you can pick which answer you like and go with it. :o)

Feb 8 - We only have 4 pups waiting on their parents. The first one to go has a message to pass on. They bought a "big catepillar" at Krogers and Ace loves it and sleeps well.

Ace with Catepillar

Ace with Catepillar

Feb 10 - Lily Rose is going home today. She is resting up after her bath & toe nail trim.

Lily Rose Gets Parents

Scout, Sugar, & Baby Ochoa anxiously await their new families.

Scout, Sugar, & Baby Ochoa

Abby is pleased as punch in her new home.

Abby in Her New Home

Happy Arya in her new home

 Arya in Her New Home

 Arya in her New Home

Aspen is doing quite well in her new home. I am sorry I am not smart enough to get the pics off my phone messages to post her.

MoMo is doing quite well, as well. He slept thru the night. He is working on potty training & chaising the kids around. :o)

Feb 11 - Lily Rose is also doing well. Still guarding the food bowl in her sleep. Hungry girl. :o)

Feb 14 - All pups have been happily placed in their new homes. I hope to continually hear how they are doing.

Feb 15 - Sugar ended up being Sandy.....just for your records of siblings.


03-01-2015 Baby Ochoa/Gus/..... is settling into his permanent family.

June 2015 Ace has won 1st place 2 out of 2 shows.


July 12, 2015 Aspen


04282016 - Sandy Today

Dec 2016  Lily Rose from litter #1


Here is Mickey!



Feel free to email questions


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