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December 19, 2016 Litter Birth Announcement

 Cody & Daisy had their 3rd litter. Cody watched from outside while Daisy birthed 12 pups. She had five girls and seven boys. We were surprised at the 11th & shocked at the 12th. We have never had over 10 pups in a litter before. Her water broke at 11:45a.m. and her last pup was delivered at 11:59p.m. We had quite an exciting delivery. Special thanks to my daughter for all her help. She has, once again, demonstrated expertise in birthing. She has learned everything I know about raising dogs since she was a child. She is even better at training.

 Daisy started showing earlier with this litter. I didn't think she got as large as before. That was debated. Here is a picture of Daisy before the delivery.

 Before the big day

 Here is Daisy after she got shaved---prepared to nurse.


As you can tell, she was quite uncomfortable towards the end of her pregnancy.

 I'm sure she was happy to move on birthing. She is in great shape and had no problems with delivery. I'm even more sure she is happy to have that process behind her!

 On December 19 her water broke at 11:45 and at about 4:15p.m. Daisy had her 1st pup - a girl.

Here is Ms. Pink collar.


Then at 4:50 p.m. there were two. Ms Pink & Mr Blue collar.

You have to know we were pleased as punch to have one of each sex!

Then at 5:30p-p.m. Here is Mr Black Collar.

Daisy was NOT looking any thinner. The boy count was ahead two to one. Everything was going smoothly.

At 6:00p.m. She had ANOTHER boy! It wasn't looking good for even steven. Score Males 3 - Females 1.

Here is Mr. Green Collar.

We were happy that she was doing great & she had four healthy pups.

At 6:00p.m., Daisy had her 2nd girl. Score was getting closer again. This is Ms. Orange Collar.


Things were looking better for the females. Males - 3, Females - 2. Daisy still wasn't looking any thinner. However her spirits were still up. She felt great! Seemed we were having a break. So even though eveyone says dogs don't eat when in labor, Daisy did & she fed her existing pups. At the first sign of another pup coming they have to evacuate though,

At 7:30p.m. Daisy had ANOTHER boy. Here is Pup #6, Boy#4---Mr Yellow Collar


Daisy is still doing great!

She still has a huge baby bump. We fed her & she fed the pups AGAIN.

At 8:35p.m., she had a girl. The girl received a white collar. Pup #7. Girl #3!


Before Ms White could get clear of the shoot, Mr. Gray passed her by. It was 8:40p.m.

Mr. Gray was ready to see his Mama. He is pup #8 & Male # 5.

Life was calm until 10:30p.m. Then arrived boy #6. Yes, the score is Males 6, Females 3. Pup #9 was given a brown collar.

10:35p.m. There was more confusion. A LITTLE girl made her way into the world. She heard about Mr Gray and thought there wasn't a holding pattern rule. She got a RED collar for that. So pup #10 is girl #4. So the count is Males 6 - Females 4. We aren't sure any rules exist anymore. I'm really happy my daughter was there.

We thought 10 was going to be all because that is the highest number of pups we had ever had in a litter. At 11:05 a boy came into the world. What a surprise! He got stuck with a purple collar because that was all that was left. His eyes are closed and he can't see it though. So he won't know. :o)

 So we started feeding pups again. We started in on clean up & Daisy gave us another shock.....another girl! So pup # 12 is Girl # 5. We still cannot believe it 12 pups! We were already out of different collar colors. She ended up with a black collar. So we have a girl and a boy with black collars now. Here is our  11:59 miracle. Pups got to eat AGAIN!


People say Mothers won't eat or feed their pups until they have birthed their last pup. Ms Red collar says that rule is out too! :o

)12/19/2016 Litter Talley



12-23-16 Daisy multitasking!

12-25-2016 Merry Christmas from the pups at the #RobbinsPuppyResort !

12-28-2016 Pups are a little over 1 week old and they are growing like weeds!

I'm trimming toe nails today. Yes, the boys have to get dolled up too!

I like keeping the nails short to support a prettier walk when they get older AND so they won't scratch Daisy so much now. If your pup is on the concrete allot - when you walk it, etc.,  then the concrete wears down the nails. You want to cut them when the nails are just about to touch the ground when he or she walks. If your pet's nails are clicking or getting snagged on the floor, it's time for a trim. You will want dog toe nail trimmers, unless you want the vet or pet salon to do it (pet department). You know I don't like them in public places till they get older (that is where you are more likely to catch disease). Some people use a dremmel and grind them down instead--either way. My goal is just to catch the nail where it hooks and be sure only the nail is in the clipper. When you come I will show you, if you like. Just ask. If you neglect to trim nails, the blood filiment grows out longer & you won't be able to cut them as short without bleeding in the future. If you never make them bleed, the pup won't be afraid because it doesn't hurt. If it bleeds the pup will not want to do it again. Minor bleeds stop by themselves without treatment. However, I recommend buying Quik Stop styptic powder just to have around in case you have trouble stopping a bleed. It smells like sulfer and is a yellowish powder. Put it on and apply pressure to stop bleeding. Hopefully you won't need it. It is also sold in the pet department by the toe nail trimmers.

The pups do not have dew claws on any of the back feet. They were NOT de-clawed. They come that way.  No worries. Its a bonus!

12-29-2016 Yesterday you could barely see a dark spot in the corner of their eyes. Today that spot is getting bigger. They will have their eyes open soon!

They are starting to sleep some between feedings. So Daisy is getting about an hour between a round.

Blue and Green males still seem to be the largest. The red girl still on the smaller side. Having said that, there isn't a huge difference in biggest to smallest.

First spit baths (bottom halves).

Pup picks start Monday, January 9th, or the weekend before, if first pics prefer (.....because its a weekend).

12-30-2016 Puppies, puppies, puppies

I love seeing the eyes open.

1-1-2017 Happy New Year!

Pups are all fine. They are starting to get up on their feet some. Also, their eyes continue to open.  They are at that cute clumsy stage. :o)

Here is the Black Male, Yellow Male, Blue Male & Orange Female.


Below is the Pink, Black, & White Females and the Green male.

Below is the Red Female and Purple, Brown, and Gray males.

01-03-2017 Bigger box & it is still full! Red-F, Gray-M, Brown-M, & Purple-M



This is Blue-M, Black-M, Yellow-M, and Orange-F


 01-04-2017 Below is Pink, White, & Black Females & the Green male. Im fixing to move them into a bigger bath.

Spot baths & nail trims continue. I've been using Hartz Groomer's Best Puppy Shampoo--Tearless, Extra Gentle (from Walmart).  

01/05/2017 This morning I am checking the nails again & weighing the pups.

All pups are within 12 oz of each other right now. All pups were weighed after they ate. I weighed them on my kitchen scales. I don't know how accurate they are, but the differences should be the same on other scales.  

Male weights are:

Yellow  2 lbs. 4.5oz

Black    2 lbs. 8 oz

Purple   2 lbs. 8 oz

Brown   2 lbs. 9 oz

Green   2 lbs. 10 oz

Gray     2 lbs. 14 oz

Blue     2 lbs. 14 oz

Its is really hard to differientiate in personalities. When they 1st wake up they act like they are starved to death and want to see Mom to eat. Once they have eaten, they are all calm and great snugglers!

Female weights are:

Red     2 lbs 2 oz

White  2 lbs 4 oz

Black  2 lbs 4 oz

Pink    2 lbs 4 oz

Orange 2 lbs 10 oz.

Again personalities are hard to differientiate. Other than the difference before and after they eat.

I will be posting one by one pictures late today or tomorrow some time.

Good morning from the pups--not the one-by-one pics yet.

Above: Red Female, Brown, purple, and gray boys.

Above: Orange female, blue, black & yellow males.

Above: Green male, pink white and black females.

AKC puppy papers arrived today! So I will have them completed when you pick up your pup.

01-06-2017 Taking picture is harder than I thought. Sorry for my lack of expertise.

Black Collar Male - Sorry. Sold. I have my FOREVER parents! My name is Hamilton.


 Blue Collar Male: Sorry, SOLD. I have parents! My name is Cooper.


Here is Brown. Sorry, SOLD. I have parents! My name is Rebar.



Here is Gray. SOLD. Sorry I found my FOREVER parents!



Here is Green.  Sorry, I have FOREVER parents! SOLD.



Here is Purple. Sold. Sorry, I found my FOREVER parents!


Here is Yellow. I'm Available.



Presenting the ladies!


Here is Red. Sorry, I'm sold. I have Forever parents!


Here is Orange. Sorry, I'm SOLD. I have parents!



Here is Pink. Sorry, I'm SOLD. I have parents! My name is Everest.


Here is White. Sorry, SOLD. I have parents! My name is Molly.


Here is the Black Female. Sorry I'm sold. I have forever parents! My name is Willow.



And I think this completes Daisy's Puppy Parade!


01-07-2017 Girls, girls girls.



01-09-2017 What's going on at the Robbins Puppy Resort????  We continue to sample REAL food....and get ALL food faced! Then we get to eat with Mom.

Mom wasn't real sure what to do with ALL her dozen at one time.

So then they had their nap & I cleaned their pool. AGAIN! After assessing the situation. Mr Purple was chosen for bath time.

What is not to love about this face????



Mr Gray (below) is the first to try to escape & go to the head of the eating line. Then he fell asleep 5 minutes later. I woke him up for breakfast!

Good afternoon from Orange Collar. See below.

Hello from Big Blue Boy (see below).

Molly wants to say Hello. See below.

Puppies are pooring on the pounds.

yellow- 2 lbs 12 oz.

Molly - 2 lbs 13 oz.

black female - 2 lb 15 oz

red female - 3 lb

Everest - 3 lb 4 oz

orange female - 3 lbs 4 oz

purple male - 3 lb 4 oz

green male - 3 lb 6 oz

black male - 3 lb 8 oz

Rebar - 3 lbs 9 oz

gray male - 3 lb 12oz

Cooper - 3 lb 13oz.

 01-11-2017 Ms Black & Ms Red. I can hardly tell them apart! Ms Black is on the left.


Below is Brown/Rebar, Orange, Pink/Everest, and Green. They liked the food. But they like Mom better!

Below is Yellow, Molly, Black female, and Big Blue/Cooper. As you can see they are pretty cozy with their cardboard under their papers for cushion. :o)

Below is Gray, Purple, Black Male, and Red. They like their cardboard mattress, as well!

Someone has food stuck in their hair. I went to remove it & now I don't see it.

The life of leisure!


01-12-2016 Getting ready for Valentines????

My daughter started a Puppy Page in Facebook.

Be sure to like & follow to see what all she posts. Its a place for your puppy posts as well.

 See below they are starting to walk pretty good, even on the tile. Usually tile is too slippery. Not this bunch.

01-14-2016 See below. Ms Black

01-15-2017 Apparantly Our Robbins Nest Puppy Resort never closes. We are in the middle of a 3:45a.m. Puppy Party! See below.

Well they did all they could for 15 minutes! Its 4:00a.m. & they are asleep.

01-15-2016 I have weighed the pups again. So, I can request wormer from the vet tomorrow with all the weights.

I also trimmed their nails as I weighed them & checked their collars to be sure they are not too tight. It seems everyone has gained pretty close to a pound.


 Red 4 lbs

Orange 4 lbs 3 oz

Pink/ Everest 4 lbs 6 oz

White/ Mollly 4 lbs 0 oz

Black 4 lbs 2 oz



Black 4 lbs 12 oz

Gray 4 lbs 12 oz

Brown / Rebar 4 lbs 8 oz

Green 4 lbs 8 oz

Purple 4 lbs 8 oz

Blue / Cooper 5 lbs

Yellow 3 lbs 12 oz.

They have bedded down for the night, or at least part of the night. See Below.


01-16-2017 Its a BIG day today. They had their 1st worming. They are all sleeping now.

01-16-2017 Rebar.


 Mr Purple below (available)

Mr Gray below (available)

Mr Yellow below (available).

 Mr Black below (available).

01-18-2017 Nothing better than a breakfast & a big hug.

01-19-2017 Mr Purple (available) was the firt to escape the pool TODAY. I see a whelping box in the near future.

Mr Green in the middle of the Puppy Pile looking up (see below).

01-20-2017 Ms Red found another use for the food bowl.

01/22/2017 So what is new at Our Robbins Nest Pups. First all pups are sold. Second the whelping box is up.


All pups have had their nails trimmed again. I spot check them as I see them. But today I went one by one.

We just posted pics on Facebook be sure to look. @ Our Robbins Nest Pups

01-24-2016 Good Morning from Our Robbins Nest Pups. It is supposed to be 64 degrees outside. It feels like 80 to me.

01-26-2017 Its too cold today for outside time. Google says its a high of 52 & low of 27. Check Facebook @Our Robbins Nest Pups for pictures.

It is much simpler to post pictures there than here. All pups are fine. We are having a blast! I'm going to miss them.

01-27-2-17 Several parents have ask about picking a vet for their pup. I've added a link to the Links page that may help.

Several parents also have asked about toys. I think the Kong brand lasts longer. I also added a link to the links page that addresses top 30 dog toys.

01-29-2017 Baths and toe nail trims are a continual thing around here. It is hard to keep 12 clean at once. I'm still sleeping on the couch & getting up with them so they won't be dirty. I have posted more viedeos nd pictures on Tomorrow is the big day for shots, health check, worming, etc. I'd best rest up!

01-30-2017 Vet visit went well. I think the top weight was 10.0 & the bottom was 7.0. He said they were all healthy. He checks their eyes, heart, lungs, hips/joints, etc. He looked for testicle drops on males. He said all looks good. Testicles should drop in 1st 6 months if not already down, but he didn't find any problems. I also had their stools tested for everything there is. They got wormed (which they do whether or not there is worms) & received their 1st round of shots. They are all sleeping & when he emails the report, I will post it. All parents will receive a copy of the health check report when you pick up your pup. So you will will know when to follow up with your vet and what all has been done.

Update: The Health Report is here. Click link images/01302017MedicalRecord.pdf Two important things to 2 is all about the exam....all good. On Page 1 there is a Reminder section that says when they should have which follow up shots.

Update: I did not see the results of the stool sample test on the report. So I called and had them add that results as well. The pups did not have worms or any other parasites! Yes!

02-01-2017 All pups had a bath today. The welping box was power washed. So nice to see them sooooo clean! Special thanks to my son-in-law!

02-03-2017 Puppy pickup is near for all pups.

Check out Info page. I've been adding info there about feeding, etc.

I have been adding Links on potty training on the Links page. Once this task is behind you, you will be able to enjoy your pup much more. Notice that all the links have some things is common. I don't know if I endorse the puppy apartment cage, but it has the same eliments as the other articles....a separate sleeping area from potty area and a confined space.

I liked sectioning off an area to confine the pup when you are not watching the bathroom or kitchen. Making newspaper or puppy pads available or a dog litter box. A Potty keyword...ours was Business. One of theirs was Go Potty. I liked taking the same path to the potty area. I liked the consistent schedule. So check out the links and any others you find & plan your training path. Start potty training on Day #1. It is not too early. Praise, praise, praise.

02-08-2017 For the last day & 1/2 I have been feeding the puppy food dry. They seem to be fine with it that way.






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